The Employment Recruitment Agency You Always Wanted

Looking for a workforce solution? There are plenty of professional job placement agencies across the country—but there’s only one that matters. New Wave People is the one of the top employment agencies because we put people first. We don’t just find you people to fill positions, we find you employees who are committed to your vision. With New Wave People, People Matter! We will never send you a candidate that we don’t believe is a perfect match.

We optimize the hiring process to find you the right match quickly and efficiently. We’ll sit with you to determine your needs, the job/industry demands, your corporate culture, and every detail in between. Our team then works tirelessly to find not just any candidate—but the perfect candidate.

When your business needs employment recruitment agency for part-time, full-time, or contract employees, we’ve got you covered. Seeking staffing jobs for yourself? Look no further. Our commitment to excellence, economy, honesty, dependability, and efficiency is what sets us apart—and it’s sure to set you up for success.

The Key to our Success?

Flexibility. We’re one of the top employment agencies because we make things easy for you, with quick and simple agreements and fast delivery of services, all backed by a guarantee of satisfaction.

Managing Expectations of Clients and Candidates. We take the time to understand your needs and your corporate culture. Then we share your expectations with the candidates during the initial interview process.

Rapid Yet Extensive Interview Process. Our experienced recruiters employ a professional vetting process. This enables us to rapidly provide you with the skilled and qualified staff you require. It also means the hiring process is fast and successful for both parties.

Background Checks and Tests. Unlike other professional job placement agencies, we tailor our candidate background checks and tests to your requirements. Your options may include full screening of the candidate, including reference checks, skill testing, drug screening, and security classification checks.

A Suite of Benefits and Training. We offer benefits and training to candidates who are placed into client companies on a contractual or temporary basis. This is proven to improve retention rates at our clients’ sites, increase employee satisfaction, and enhance job loyalty.

Quick Fills for Emergency Events and Last-Minute Projects. New Wave People has years of experience providing supplemental staffing jobs during and after major emergencies, and for last-minute projects.

Back-fill on Projects. Should you require it, New Wave People can provide back-fill for mission-critical projects, and we can also fill short-term needs such as leave of absence and illness.

Real-Time 24/7 Web-Based Access. Using a browser from anywhere in the world, our clients can post open positions, check on the status of open requisitions, approve time sheets, obtain reports, and more.

Certifications. New Wave People is certified as a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WMBE), Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (DMWBD), and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) certified company.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to partner with our employment recruitment agency. Contact New Wave People today to see how our workforce solution can enhance your business.