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The recruiting process is a two-way street. Not only are companies looking for the right employees, but candidates are looking for a job with the right company. They’re putting in the time to research businesses, read reviews on websites like Glassdoor and getting recommendations from friends.

If candidates are doing their homework, shouldn’t employers be too? A good place to start is to find one of the best hiring companies to partner with. This way, locating top talent becomes a collaborative process shared by a professional organization, your HR team and the hiring manager.

3 Reasons Your Recruiting Process Should Include a Hiring Company

1. You get knowledge and expertise

Hiring a new employee is an important decision. The Harvard Business Review recently reported that up to 80 percent of employee turnover is a result of bad hiring decisions. Even if the mistake is realized during the first six months, it can cost over $40,000 to replace an executive employee and up to $10,000 to replace an entry- to mid-level employee. Hiring companies know the recruiting process inside and out, which can be invaluable for businesses who have an immediate need. Working with your team of inside experts, they’ll help you more easily identify the best candidate for the position.

2. Provide a more realistic job description

In the rush to hire an employee, it’s easy to sugarcoat the job position or corporate culture. Hiring companies can help you provide a more realistic view of day-to-day responsibilities and expectations. They get to know your business inside and out, helping both you and the candidate decide if the job is the right fit. It also gives job seekers the chance to learn additional information about the work and the company they may not have been privy to otherwise.

3. Save time

Your HR team is probably already swimming in paperwork. A professional hiring company can help remove some of the burden that comes with wading through options and negotiating with candidates. Plus, having a partner whose sole purpose is to manage the recruiting process makes you less likely to end up with a bad hire.

Find the Best Person Looking for Job

There are plenty of people looking for a job but knowing how to find the right fit isn’t always easy. Hiring companies can give you invaluable insight in a competitive job market. If you want your company to stand out, start working with an expert today.