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New Year, New Career

How a career change might be just the thing you need this year. It’s fair to say that most people fear change—especially a career change. But if you’re not happy in your job or you wish you were doing something else, it may be time to start considering career change ideas.

Make Some Career Resolutions

Give yourself an annual or semi-annual career checkup.

Once a year, or once every six months, take some time alone and give some real thought to your career status. Is your job fulfilling? Are you dealing with a toxic environment? Do you feel good about everything? If there are areas that could be improved to make you happier, you may not need to consider a career change. Maybe you could simply take on more responsibility or work toward a promotion instead of making a big move to something else. But if your job is causing you stress or anxiety, it may be time to start keeping your eye out for something else.

Keep your resume updated.

Even if you think you’re happy and fulfilled in your career, there’s always a chance of something better coming along. It’s much easier to update your skills and accomplishments periodically, when they’re fresh in your mind. And while you’re at it, your career resolutions should also include keeping your portfolio, social media bios, and cover letters updated as well.

Grow your network.

LinkedIn is a great resource for online networking, but getting out in the real world and attending networking events can make a huge difference in your career. If you’re looking for career change ideas, this is especially important since you never know when a new opportunity might arise.

Be ready for change.

Maybe you’re an account manager who always wished they were a photographer. Perhaps you think a career change is impossible to achieve. People who use their skills, intelligence and determination to translate a good idea into a successful business are doing something right. If you prepare for the change, stay adaptable and bring value to everything you do, there’s no way you can fail.

If a new year, new career mindset is for you, don’t wait. Step out of your comfort zone and achieve your dreams!