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Landing a job is a lot like being a salesperson. You have to sell yourself to be seen as the best candidate for the job. These days, you’re up against hundreds of people vying for the same opportunity, and if you don’t stand out, you’ll be passed by.
Much like the job you’re applying for, selling yourself takes determination, patience and skill. Are you up to the task? Here are some tips to make it a little easier.

Tips to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Create a resume that stands out.

The first thing a hiring manager does is look through a pile of resumes. How can you set yours apart? For starters, don’t pack it full of long paragraphs and walls of text. Try to limit it to one page by keeping it short, sweet and to the point. Use bullet points and sub-heads so the hiring manager can be intrigued to read more with a simple glance.

It’s also critical to match your resume to the job description. Depending on the industry, landing a job means meeting specific objectives and skills. Rather than having one resume that you submit to all positions, read through the job requirements and adjust the content so your skills speak to them.

Follow up

Most job applicants send their resumes and wait. Show some initiative by following up with an email if you haven’t heard back in two weeks. The hiring manager will see that you’re serious and it may prompt them to give your resume a second look. In a competitive job market, that extra step goes a long way.

Respond immediately

If you crafted a resume that stands out, the hiring manager is likely to call or email. Try to get back to them as quickly as possible to show them you’re reliable in terms of communication and eager to get the job.

Prepare for the interview

If your resume makes you seem like the best candidate for the job, the hiring manager may schedule an interview. Whether it’s an initial phone screening or a face-to-face meeting, you should be ready to discuss the position and your work history. Take the time to research the company, industry and job requirements, so nothing puts you off-guard and you can properly market yourself.

Landing a Job Takes Work

The job hunt is a challenging but necessary part of finding the right career. Approach the process as if it’s your full-time job and it will be easy to stand out from the crowd.