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Engineering jobs are in high demand, which means you have to bring your A game to the table if you plan on applying for one. Whether it’s a role as a Project Manager, Lead Engineer, Assistant Engineer, or Engineer Intern, you need more than skill to land the job. Use these technical interview tips and you’ll have an edge over the competition.

4 Tips to Prepare for an Interview in IT

1. Do your research

Recruiters and hiring managers expect job candidates to prepare for an interview. How can they tell? You should know exactly what the company you’re interviewing with does, a bit about the leadership and what the office culture is like. Some of this may come from the job description, but you’ll want to dig deeper for more information. Visit the company website, search the web and learn about the industry. If you show up with a base level of knowledge, you will appear invested in the role.

2. Know how to sell yourself

The interview is your chance to demonstrate how you will provide value and why they should choose you over the competition. What are your skills and experience, and how will you use them to make to make a difference with the company? Don’t just think about technical know-how. What soft skills do you have? Are you a team player? Do you have leadership qualities? Be sure you can describe these qualifications and you’ll set yourself apart from others looking for Engineering jobs.

3. Think about the questions you may be asked

Engineering interview questions are going to be quite specific and you should know your stuff. Depending on the position you’re applying for, you  may be asked:

  • Can you describe Examples of projects you worked in layman’s terms?
  • How do you keep your Software, Design and Development skills current?
  • What are some of the programs you use?
  • What is the most important quality of being a successful Engineer?
  • What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of Project Development?

4. Show interest in growth and development

Employers aren’t looking for candidates who are going to just show up, do the job and go home. They’re seeking Engineering employees who plan to grow with the company. As you prepare for an interview, think about how you plan to develop your skills and take the position to the next level. Do you have a five-year plan? If not, put some thought into this and know how to articulate it.

You Can Find the Engineering Job of Your Dreams

Being able to answer these Engineering interview questions is only part of the process. The meeting is also a chance for you to decide if the company is right for you. Be sure to bring your own questions and determine if you can see yourself in the role. This is one of the most important interview tips to remember.