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They say you if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That sounds like a pretty meaningful career, but if you’re not getting respect at work, it can feel like you’re only working for a paycheck.
You may not love every aspect of your job, but you can come close. Since you’re investing a huge portion of your time, effort and attention in your work, you deserve to enjoy it. Here are just a handful of must-haves that will help..

5 Signs You Have Respect at Work

1. You have a safe work environment.
At the very least, you deserve to feel safe, comfortable and supported at work. You shouldn’t worry about bringing your true self to the job every day or feel threatened or bullied by anyone in the process. The physical environment should also be safe and secure, whether you work with high-powered machinery or simply a laptop.

2. Your boss believes in you.
When it comes to respect at work, your manager should feel like your greatest ally. You should sense that they’re invested in your growth, and willing to provide any guidance and support you need on your journey. On the other hand, if you feel your contributions are only undermined or criticized, you deserve to feel comfortable speaking up or wanting more.

3. There’s a focus on employee recognition.
Whether you’re in sea of cubicles or the corner office, you should never feel worthless. You deserve to be heard and valued for what you bring forward. Some of the best companies have employee recognition programs in place to reward achievements monetarily. If this isn’t in place at your company, you should at least leave work each day knowing your contributions are appreciated and respected.

4. You have work-life balance.
Balancing work and life is difficult for anyone. You’re entitled to having an employer who understands that you have a life outside your job. Your personal or family emergencies should be met with understanding and vacation time should be taken without guilt. In the best cases, you should be able to unplug from work each day and not have to worry about checking emails or voicemails.

5. Your work is fulfilling.
When your work feels fulfilling, you know you have a meaningful career. You may not be changing the world, but your efforts should give you a sense of purpose. Whether that’s making sure the office runs smoothly or ensuring your clients feel happy and satisfied, it’s best to believe your work has a positive effect on people and business operations.

Start Balancing Work and Life Today

We get paid to work for a reason. It’s not always fun or glamorous, but it should feel more rewarding than a simple paycheck. Start by making sure your employer lets you focus on balancing work and life, and you will be on the path to happiness.