At New Wave People, we feel that it is extremely important to provide our clients with job-ready placements who can deliver immediate business outcomes. We utilize the most up-to-date technology systems in order to create a web of qualified candidates that can be called on when needed.

We understand the importance of finding the right employees quickly. Depending on your needs, we can find the right match as soon as you need, that includes unexpected absences. At New Wave People we follow a specific hiring process in order to provide clients with the best matches.

The first step of our recruiting process involves the company looking to hire. We will work diligently to create a list of items you wish to see in a candidate. This can range from educational requirements and certifications to the ability to travel for work. We will work with you to collect all information necessary to make the right hire and then get to work.

We do have a database of candidates that have worked with us before so we will start with this group to see if there are any matches. We will also create a “hot list” which includes referrals, individuals who have been successful in the past with our programs, those who have posted on our database, those who have passed a preliminary search and more.

Once we have collected a grouping of potential candidates, we then move on to interviewing each candidate to ensure they match all of your job requirements. Our interviews are extremely thorough and include the following checkpoints:

  • Review of Soft skills
  • Review resumes/CVs and work experiences
  • Check References
  • Test candidates’ knowledge and competency for the specific job
  • Rate the candidates’ resumes against the job requirements
  • Check Education, Licenses and Certification
  • Check Criminal background, New Wave People shall ensure that personnel meet Government security and VA Handbook 6500 guidelines for background and security checks.
  • Drug testing 5/10 panel
  • Check Drivers License
  • Ensure candidate is a US Citizen

Once we find the right candidate, we will then complete all hiring paperwork such as their tax and payroll information, non-disclosure paperwork and more. The candidate will then begin working on the date you have indicated.

Those candidates who are not chosen will be kept in our database until a job comes up that better fits their needs. We not only look to find the perfect match for employers but for the candidates as well!